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OT - 'Faux pas' : The worst... or best!

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In 1967 our then Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, disappeared without trace whilst swimming in the ocean near his home. As the news broke a young TV news reporter by the name of Geoff Raymond was sent to the area to report on the search for Prime Minister Holt. It was a live to air broadcast and in failing light and blowing wind the young reporter sternly faced the camera as he uttered his final words of his report... [i]"I'm afraid to report the search has come to a dead halt [/i] (Holt?)[i]... er... Geoff Raymond signing off from Cheviot Beach....."[/i] [b]As to whatever happened to him... no one ever found out. The Prime Minister was never found either. ;) [/b]
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Weird. I would guess a rip current was responsible for the Prime Minister's disappearance. Sucked him out to sea...never to be heard of again...except in the form of a burrrrp emanating from some shark. As for the reporter, well, he's probably washing cars somewhere.
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