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attack of the "PANIC"

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I was at Guitar Center last night , trying to cut a deal for the 002 that was sitting there (been wanting to upgrade my 001) , and then this guy came into the store who had been in earlier that morning when he purchased an Apogee Rosetta. So here he was no more than a few hours latter, bring it back to the guy who he had bought it from that very morning, ( the same guy I was dealing with). He said that he did not realize that It didn't do D/A converting and wanted to return it. After that guy left to the front to get a return, I looked at the open box with the new Rosetta sitting in it. "What will become of this" I asked , (in a uninterested voice, trying not to show my weakness... that I thought It was really cool looking and it was the first piece of Apogee gear I ever held) "Oh..... we will just rack it, or sell it used." He said ... I answer "used, what kind of used? what's used? how much used?" Really tripping over my words at this point, as He looks up noting the Quiver in my voice as a indication of my interest. without hesitation He picks up the phone calls the manager, "Dan you want to move this used Rosetta?... Ya... Now.... Ok..." hangs up the Phone , looks down and said "$799" wile continuing working on some papers. Good thing he was looking away, because I really didn't want to look week, and at that point I was trying to pick up my jaw from the counter. At that time this other guy looks over to see what's going on, as I briefly look over at what he is doing, I see a "waves bundle" in his hand that He is about to purchase, realizing that he was into some kind of recording , and looking at this apogee in my hand with an interest in his expression at my rare find (really just was timing), I panicked ... I turned around and asked him If I could have a bag to take it home! Then relooked at the "Waves" guy with a cool ( what's up, I had this planed out) look. At that very moment the Keyboard manager asks the guy who is now ringing up my Rosetta, If that "002 over there is available for someone to look at." I really don't know what had gotten into me, because at this point It was as tho my body was taken over by some force and I was an innocent bystander... as I pick up the 002 and look under it ( as if I was looking for some thing Special, quality wise, that I "knew" about)., and said "Nope... I was just having my friend over there ring this up after he finishes with MY Rosetta!!" The Guy looks up from ringing up the Apogee, and says "O great.. I see you wanted The 002 after all ( with a some what puzzled look)" I Stand there in silence, trying to ponder what just happened in the last 3 minutes, as he is ringing this all up, I start to rack my brain to find an answer to the end of this Question... " Honey, you would not believe what just happen to me ..... I.... IT..... Guess what... " . "Sir.." (he wakes me up from my cold sweet daze,) " Name on receipt please Sir" "Albertin" I say, as I take my first breath from not breathing the last minute. "Albertin ?, Your not the Albertin that called 3 days ago to hold the Avalon 737 are you ? we saved the last one as per your request " as he reaches for a paper that has my name written on it. Honestly I was trying desperately to find the verbiage for " No ... That was the other Albertin" but tonight was the curse of "the PANIC" plague. I got home a little late for only going out "to get some guitar strings" needless to say, ... ( boy O boy traffic is harsh.... no, that wont fly... how to explain the tilt from the trunk of the car?) . I walked into the door, yelled out " Honey... Sweetheart, I think that Christmas vacation in Italy to visit our relatives Is a ABSOLUTE SPLENDID idea, igotsomethingsonspecial, enough about me... Lets discuss what wonderful clothes we can get you for the trip, over dinner out...... Susi , prime rib,.... wow.... you look beautiful, have you been losing weight?, .... No , don't get your coat , we will just go buy you a new one on the way" This thanks giving we have people coming over, but I will find every bathroom excuse possible to get away and sneak off to test all this gear, Maybe I can make it Official and find something to drink that will give me the runs, and everyone will leave me alone..... ( Hmmmm..) I woke up this morning with the Avalon manual under one arm and the Avalon 737 hugged under the other ( I think my arm is dead tho, they must build it out of Led) , the Apogee Rosetta was on my night stand still plugged in, and the Digi 002 lay next to my feet. Sorry for this long post. I just wanted to know if there was any cure for me. Do I suffer from Gear-itus? Got 2 go tho , I've got to go plug in my good old "trusty Neumann", for what will be the biggest shootout I have ever done.( actually this is my first) ........ Peace - J.R.A. (Peter B.) :wave:
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I almost had the same day as you Ducati. I was at Mars to see what was left. I saw a dbx 1046 and a dbx 376. I wasn't sure how good they were so I went home and did some research on the web. I was pretty sure I was gonna go back and get the 1046 but waffling on the 376. Then I remembered I was thinking of upgrading my Waves to the Gold bundle. Then I remembered I wanted to add a subwoofer to my NFs. Then I remembered I wanted a Senn MD421. I think my brain overloaded and ended up staying at home playing computer games. :p

aka riffing


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