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where will Craig Anderton be next?

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I just did Europe, it was great...I got to play with Air Liquide, as well as participate in the opening of Club Camouflage, which is a very hip new club in Cologne. On opening night they had a zillion DJs, each playing a cut. A couple nights later there was an "MPC Slam" with several MPC fanatics doing their thing...fun stuff. Wild parties... My next gig will be New Year's. I have invites for Europe or Tampa, but I'll probably take Tampa so the family can come hang out. My daughter hasn't seen me play in a while. Then I'll be going a few "industry" gigs at NAMM -- playing at the Music Sales booth and maybe a special appearance or two at another. In 2003 there are some more European gigs as well as something in Canada, but that's a ways off. As to seminars, the seminar biz just kind of ground to a halt what with the economy going the way it is. Most companies use in-house clinicians to do seminars these days rather than pay an "outsider" to do it. Although with Panasonic, they WANTED me to do the DA7 seminars instead of a Panasonic employee because they thought there would be more credibility. Of course, what really added to the credibility is that I had bought the DA7 before they asked me to do the seminars...! I'd love to do a seminar tour again but I think it will take a while for that to happen.
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