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For fans of oddball instruments

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I think it was Hank the Cave Peanut who posted a link to some odd musical instruments awhile back. I just got a catalog this weekend from "Lark in the Morning", [url=http://www.larkinam.com]www.larkinam.com[/url] . This is a neat catalog, they've got just about every string and percussion instrument from around the world you've ever heard of, and a lot you haven't, like doumbeks, bouzoukis, bagpipes, electric bagpipes (Argh!!), bamboo saxophones, tablas, nose flutes, didgeridoos, etc, plus a lot of "how-to-play" videos and CDs of different world musics. The website even has some sonic samples of the different instruments. I wish I had a few thousand to blow on these toys! :thu:


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If you ever get up to Seattle, there's an actual Lark store. It's very small, but they have a ton of stuff in there. Let me add to your odd list- cavaquinhos, lutes, hurdy-gurdys, steel drums (pans), slide whistles, and spoons, to name a few. Also, they have a few of the instrument kits there. No electric bagpipes, as i remember (I was there over a year ago). I would generally rate their instruments as "fair." Many of the stringed instruments are not of the best quality. However, the prices are right, and they have stuff that you won't see unless you travel the world. I bought some bird calls.
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