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So who's signed on to .mac?

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[b]Raul[/b], the current issue (November 2002) of [url=http://www.macworld.com/magazine/]MacWorld[/url] magazine has a good article entitled, [i]What's [url=http://www.mac.com/].Mac[/url] Worth?[/i], that covers both the pros & cons of having a .Mac account and the alternatives as well. [b]Dan[/b], while .Mac is optimized for OS X users, OS X is not required. There's a lot that OS 9 users can benefit from as well. I'm still an OS 9 user, and I have a .Mac account. I got in on the ground floor, so I paid $50 for service this year. Right now, I'm mostly just using .Mac to host my résumé and avatar; but I'm also enjoying the free Virex software that comes as part of the package as well. Best, Geoff

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I did. I figured that at even the regular rate, it comes down to having an ISP for about 8.5 bucks a month (so my intro rate makes it very worthwhile). Since I'm not a web-intensive sort, the deal is good for me. Ideally, I'd like to design my own website and stick it on there, but for now, their offerings work just fine. I'm on 9.1, and it may be a tad slow getting into iDisk, it works fine for me. homepage.mac.com/echohaus/
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