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MY take on new formats(24/96)(like you care)

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So I went to my son's 3rd grade class musical "Proud to be an American" last night. A little slice of Americana. 120 kids 'singing' infront of 240 parents climbing all over each other to get the best camera angle. The kid's 'sang' to a background tape that was being played back through a single PA speaker placed 20' to the far left of the stage. The music that they ran thru it was from a normal bias cassette from the 1970s. But the music on it was from an LP from the 1950s. Tranfer method involved placing a radio shack mic in front of a self contained 1970s record player that schools still have floating around, no doutb just to create nuggets of listening pleasure such as this one. There was 'almost' no audible music, but we injoyed the 110db of noise and record pops. The teachers felt it was 'plenty good enough'. Why even bother downloading a standard midi file and recording it from there $2 sound card. Cheesy midi files are still 100 times better than what was atemping to transmit through the left side only of this PA system. So, Who is DVD-a and Super CD and the rest of the newer sustems for? I have said it before, when people are thrilled with MP3s, getting them to toss there CD players and their collections away and replace them with 1 of the many formats coming out, aint go'n happen. I which format, what if I buy the the nect 'DCC" digital cassette player and it tanks like DCC did. So I understand we want the Best, for us, as engineers that can hear it (sometimes). As well, it is kinda like the Mussle car thing; I gotta a 800hs hemi in this here mother. How much time have you wasted dealing with the the new formats, how it effects your business and studio set ups. Time that could have been spent on music, the orginal thing that brought us here today. I used to be a Manufactures rep. When keyboard died in the early 90's, because of a technology devolopment in the field slowed, I felt there should be a push for a Midi 2.0, nothing really new added, Just a few things, so people would have to buy new stuff that was 2.0 compatible. Thats what the industry is doing today. Look at the way Roland dealt with the VS series. Same thing: VS880, next year VS1680, then 1880, 2480... and ever time, my friend Bill franticly sells the old model to get the new one, not because the old one doesn't fill all of his needs. Its just that it must be better, More is more!!! right? Thats is what the industry driven fromats are doing. There are plenty of articles that talk about how 24 bit audio isn't even true 24 bit?!? whats that about? could the manufacturs be lie'n about that too? wooooww!! spooky. The back of the new issue of Audio mediahas a good article a from a guy at earthworks (Eric Blackmer) Read it, it a good read. Anyway. To me its a bummer that the general population doesn't hear a difference. They don't even hear 90% of what elemants are in a mix. remember most will never drive over 80mph, nothing we say or do will convince them to buy cars that go 200mph. They just don't care. We need to get back to the Music. All of this once again goes to prove my point, OJ is guilty.

Tim Dolbear

De La Bear Music Group

Eclectica Recordings

Eclectica Studios






"That singer's pitch was a knuckle ball!!!" TD

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[quote]Originally posted by dlbmusic: [b]We need to get back to the Music. All of this once again goes to prove my point, OJ is guilty.[/b][/quote]ABSOFUCKINLUTELY!!!! But wasn't the point : "[i]Germans love David Hasselhoff[/i]"??? :freak:
So Many Drummers. So Little Time...
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Reasonable reply - The thing about 96k, DSD, and other high end formats that I like is that we'll be able to release product when the consumer catches up to the technology. Mainly an archival thing. Angry reply - Why would anyone want to listen to a high resolution version of an over-compressed, auto tuned, piece o' shite that never should have been made in the first place. Trollish reply - Why does anyone need to hear Phil Collins suck with more clarity. Stereo vs. 5.1 reply - Why do we listen to music with more than two musicians. We only have two ears!
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