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RD 700 and RD 150


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Hey all,

what are the differences (apart from the obvious) bw Rolands two stage pianos? Specifically, does the 700 sound much better on its basic piano sounds.....where all i want is a handful of good sounds (EPs, Pianos, strings) and split and layer functions, is there any reason I would pay twice the price for the 700? Especially with the wooden bottom?


By the way, I haven't been able to check, does the RD 700 have that same wooden bottom?

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I have the RD-700 and it does have a particle board - type bottom. However this doesn't worry me - Roland is top quality sh&@ and it certainly seems to be strong enough.

I reckon the piano sounds are pretty cool, but I still have to try it through a real Mixer - Amp setup.

There is another thread called "Calling all RD-700 Users" that might help you with choice of piano sounds if you decide to spend the extra $$$ and buy the RD700

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