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DX7II "E" expansion card

Dan O

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Originally posted by dano:

Can anyone tell me about the expansion card for DX7II ? "E" expansion ? dano

I have one in my DX7II. It does a lot of things, but I only used to use some of them. I don't use it any more. From my point of view, it made it a better midi controller. I haven't used it in a long time, so my memory of what it does is getting hazy. I know it made it into an 8-part (or was it 16-part?) multi-timbral sound source, instead of the default 2-part. It also allowed it to send and receive on 8 (16?) channels from the keyboard, and allowed you to define zones and layers, turning it into a more useful midi controller. You could define which controllers were active on each zone. It also allowed you to alter the velocity sensitivity to get around the 1-100 velocity limitation (dx7's by default could only transmit up to 100 velocity instead of the full 127). You could transmit the full 127, and you also had a bunch of velocity curves to select from.


It had other things like chord triggers which I never used, and also a sequencer, which I also never used because it was too arcane.


It added on-board memory. I think the default DX7II had 1 bank of 64 patches in battery-backed memory. E! expanded that to four banks.


That's all I can think of now. If you're going to get a DX7 or a DX7II, I think you'd be better off with an E-equipped one. It never caused any problems that I'm aware of.

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Originally posted by dano:

Thanks for the information . I am thinking of buying one and a friend said the e-card adds value . Is $200.00 to much ? dano

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean is the E! card worth $200 extra on the price? (is that U.S dollars?) I don't think it's worth that much extra, but I'm not really up on used DX7II prices.


Is this E! card installed? Because if it isn't, I think installation is pretty tricky, requires removing some chips and adding a new one to motherboard, requires some soldering, etc., if I'm not mistaken.

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