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Yamaha Electone Question?


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Maybe it's the first question about this special family of keyboards: the Electone-like multi-purpose organ. My church just bought one Electone EL-400 for 4,000 USD and today, its debut performance didn't satisify no one. My questions asked after serving 6 years as an organist:


1) Does anyone here have any experience with the Electone thing? I know many churches uses them and they started as early as 1959.


2) Why do these things get so expensive? Much more costly than today's 'mainstream' synth/workstation/sampler? I mean let's face it, it's just an electronic keyboard with 2 layers of keys, 2 ocatves of pedals, some basic effects, a sequencer, a couple of speakers. Only that the keys are now with aftertouch in addition to touch sens.


3) Since the EL-400 we have is XG compatible, can I use Yamaha's XG Editor to edit its sounds using MIDI connection?


4) Is there any chance for me to get a PDF/Word format Manual in English for the Yamaha EL-400, the one that came with the product is in Jap.




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