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Mike Martin I Have some PC2X questions, Please Help!!!

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I can't access the PC2X's organ bank or version 2 internal bank 6 via midi while using my sequencer software(Digital Performer 2.7). Any ideas on how I can access the second bank of 128 sounds (revision 2)and the organ bank via midi.


Also I would like to update my freemidi patchlist manager with my PC2X patch names. Do you know an easy way to do this.


Last but not least,are there any plans for either a production or R&B/Hiphop expansion board for the PC2X.

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Unfortunately I'm not a DP or Mac user. I don't know how DP does bank changes, but it should be rather simple.


I'll see if I can get George Hamilton to stop by this thread.

-Mike Martin



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Hi there,


been a while since I've been by.


I don't have a PC2 with me so I'll try this from memory. Internal sounds are bank 0, Expansion ROMs 1 and 2 are Bank 1 and 2 (Orch ROM ) KB3 Bank 3 and Version 2 sounds Bank 6.


Send MIDI controller 0 or 32 (Bank Change)

immediately followed by the program number.


Is that clearer than mud? ;)

Take Care,


George Hamilton

Yamaha US

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Originally posted by Geosync:

Send MIDI controller 0 or 32 (Bank Change)

immediately followed by the program number.

After sending the bank change CC, you then have to enter the value for the CC, which allows you to specify which bank is being selected. THEN, you send the program change number.


In other words, sending:


CC#0 = 2, PG = 5


will get you bank 2, program 5.


DP allows you to choose the bank change and the cc in the same line of the track editor window, although the order in the line looks backwards - the PG comes first, then the bank change. If your Kurz is recognized in your FreeMIDI setup, DP will probably know which CC it wants to see for bank change, and all you should have to do is enter the value for bank, and the value for program.


Here's another way to do it that should work: Switch the Kurz to a different bank and program than the one that you want. Then, engage record on the computer and manually select the bank and program that you want on the Kurz - it'll probably transmit those button presses to DP.


Just tryin' to help,



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