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opinions on setup....


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Im kinda torn between certain pieces of gear to get for my next few purchases. Ive finally decided to just pick up some VAs...my KARMA covers the ROMpler stuff quite nicely, and my musical direction is changing too, so no need for another rompler really.


The other thing is that I dont want to overlap (similiar sounding, etc.) with the next 2 synths I pickup.


These are the setups Im considering:


1) Novation Kstation and Waldorf Micro Q

Great setup, uQ can provide most of the meat in my sounds, and the kstation can do leads, basses and other things here and there. The problem is that the kstation is monotimberal, but would function great as a gigging synth.


2) Novation Nova and Waldorf Micro Q

Pretty much just like setup 1, but instead a Nova which is multitimberal. But, I dunno on this setup as both synths are pretty similiar sound wise (maybe not, im not 100% sure).


So, pretty much the toss up are between Novation Kstation, Nova, Waldorf Micro Q, KORG Ms2000, Yamaha AN1x, and maybe a Nord Lead (1 or 2, not a 3). Im familiar with these synths so no need to really go out and try them, but I just want some opinions from people on this forum.

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Originally posted by industriac:

kstation is monotimberal, but would function great as a gigging synth.

I don't see how, with only a small 2 octave keyboard. I'd recommend saving up for the Supernova II instead. It's a great souding synth with plenty of poly, it's multitimbral, and has 61 keys. :thu:
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