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Just for Fun (warning pictures inside)...

Steve LeBlanc

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...my brother Tom took some pictures of my keyboard rig...the lighting wasn't great so it's fuzzy but you get the idea. I'm especially proud of my Pedal Board that Tommy did some electrical finish work on. I play all this through a Hammond-Suzuki full-range Leslie and a Fender Twin (with JBLs):









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Hey, there's nothing like the real thing, baby. I have an electronic single manual Hammond still that I can't bear to part with. I'd have to say if you can afford it, a real Clavinet or Pianet with a dreaded VA synth or... an Andromeda maybe? That would round that rig off in style. Two thumbs up. Surely you have an mp3 or two lying around to show this stuff off right with. Right?? :D
This keyboard solo has obviously been tampered with!
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Originally posted by mzeger:

Add a Clavinet and a Minimoog, and you're in '70s keyboard rig heaven!

Don't forget the string machine. Throw an Arp on top. :cool:



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