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rolling stone magazine .....internet radio

Dan O

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I am a subscriber to rolling stone mag ( it's a fav.) . They cover the governments involvement with internet radio . It seems the record labels want a part of the action .


Does anyone read rolling stone magazine ?




ps ...i watched ocean eleven movie the other night .......i was disappointed . how many lines did Julie R. have ? 6 ?

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I currently subscribe because I got a year for $4 from www.bestdealmagazines.com (spam spam spam , wonderful spaaaam ;) ) I was actually surprised any of the magazines I ordered actually came, but they did. Rolling Stone has a lot of fluff in it, BUT they still get some great news stories. About a month before that San Francisco killer dog trial was wrapping up they had the story on the couple who owned the dog and what sickos they were.


I haven't read the internet radio story yet, but I think they're a little late on this one.

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