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Customer service (Korg, Roland, Kurzweil,etc.)

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I am really curious as to positive/negative experiences with the reps and techs from various gear manufacturers.

I've had some real hit/miss encounters with Korg; example: A few years ago, when I had a programming

question re: my Trinity Rack--Korg was rather helpful---and I appreciated that. They faxed me documents that were not included in the T-R manual. On the other hand; about six months ago, my then six month old CX-3 was having a major internal problem. My phone calls were all ignored. Finally, after getting the manager from Guitar Center involved + two other service guys --they ended up replacing the internal engine.

In contacting Roland; I received a strong impression that there was only one tech available per product that could answer technical questions via phone. When I was at the NAMM show in January, I met the Rep (Roland) whom I was introduced to as in charge of heading production of the RD-700. After trying to get some straight answers re: the 700's problems in live gig situations; he told me that he not only monitored the online forums, but would e-me back---I never heard from him.

On the other hand; I was extremely pleased and thankful for Mike Martin of Kurzweil who seems to not only monitor several(that I know of)forums of this nature (Music Player,Harmony Central, Kurzlist), but takes the time to research and attain answers; and I didn't even contact him directly!--now thats SERVICE!!! :thu:

Surreal :cool:
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Mike Martin is a BIG credit to Kurzweil and I wish other companies had representatives who cared enough to check forums and answer questions.


E-mu is also a great company when it comes to support. Customer service people frequent the E-mu Yahoo forums. It is nice to talk to a real person and get things taken care of.


As for bad service, not really a problem for me. Almost any purchase I make over $500 is from one of two stores that I have dealt with since the late 70's. That is probably why my only Yamaha pruchase is a RM1x. I had a bad experience with a Yamaha dealer when I first tried to buy a DX7 and never went back to that store. They finally went under because of that kind of service.


I will always own E-mu gear because of great support from E-mu. I'm seriouslly considering a K2600 as my next major keyboard purchase because of service reps like Mike.



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My Rhodes 54 broke down on a gig today... boohoohoooo! :cry: It's one of the cables inside that's messed up. I know it's not that hard to repair but since the unit has other small problems I'm gonna take it in for service at Fender Rhodes Service Amsterdam.

This is gonna be my very first experience with customer service ever! Okay, when it comes down to instruments...



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I 2nd that about Mike Martin. He was very helpful during my e-mailings with him on my eventual purchase of a Kurzweil keyboard. He answered all my questions in a professional manner. I wish other companys would give this kind of personal service. And this was before I even purchased the product!

Kurzweil PC3, Hammond SK-1 + Ventilator, Korg Triton. 2 JBL Eon 510's.


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I have had contact with Korg, Roland and Yamaha on simple tech-support questions.


Yamaha Germany: E-mail answered within 1 hour with a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.


Roland Germany: E-mail answered within 1 day with a a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.


Korg Germany: No answer


Korg US: 1st answer within 3 hours: Contact a distributor. E-mailed back with more specific details. Answer (within the hour): Contact our parts center, phone number provided.

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Ditto on Mike Martin, and also George Hamilton (Kurzweil), both of whom responded to and trouble-shot (shooted? what is the correct form for the past tense) a sequence problem for me through this board. Great machine, great people.
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