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Yamaha KX88 controller keyboard for use with Gigasampler and Layla 24/96


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I am considering purchasing a Yamaha KX88 midi controller keyboard to use with my Layla 24/96 and Gigasampler. This is for my home studio and I am not particularly midi literate. (I am a guitarist). The asking price on the KX88 is $900AUD (about $450US). I am also yet to purchase Gigasampler.


The sound options available thru Gigasampler seem pretty damn appealing and as I have a couple of friends who are excellent pianists a keyboard with a decent action is also desirable. I know I could just consider getting a digital piano but the KX88 would certainly give me more options in conjuction with Gigasampler.


Am I heading down the right path with this?

Is the KX88 too old with respect to midi implementation?...or should I snap it up?


Also what should I be wary of with a used KX88 re. potential problems etc?


Any feed back on would be appreciated.


Cheers Rowan

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I always like the feel of the KX88 and bought my S80 because it felt so much like the KX88.


It's a workhorse, has been around for a long time and shouldn't give you any problems - assuming everything is all right when you purchase it.


It's got a lot of MIDI bells & whistles you probably won't care about.

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I have one and I love the action as well. One thing you need to be aware of is that its MIDI implementation is of the same time as the DX7, and the max velocity it can attain is 100 (or something close to that, I can't quite remember.)


That said, I can't ever conceive of replacing mine. It's so damn solid and dependable...

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