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Wah with B3?

Dave Pierce

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So I saw someone mention using a wah-wah pedal with a B3 on this board. Sounded interesting, I had never heard or thought of doing that before. So I borrowed one from a guitarist the other day, and tried it for just a few seconds. Sounded trippy. ;)


Anyone feel like elaborating on how you would actually use that? Or know of any recordings that would give a good example? I'm probably going to buy one just to play with it, but it's always cool to have a starting point.



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Originally posted by Dave Pierce:

Originally posted by Steve LeBlanc:

Just Do It!

Always good advice. I will!



Well, that's all I could think of to say last night...I mean there are just so many ways you can use it...experiment...you might find a totally new sound never before heard, the combinations of drawbars, Wah technique, Amplifier tone are really endless, the sky's the limit.
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