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where can I get a Pitchbend/modulation wheel for my piano?


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I am having a roland KR577 digital piano this week, and I will miss the pitch whell etc that I had on the keyboard before it. Is it possible to get an external Pitch bend/modulation wheeel from somewhere? (sure I've seen em' you know). And how much are they.


Also, is there an EFX unit that I can connect to my digital piano as to "increase" the amount of simultaneous EFX that I can use at once (busses?), I would want to add effects to seperate tracks though, and not have one effect drown/wet the whole system.





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You could add a Kurzweil ExpressionMate. It won't add pitch and modwheels, but will give you a large ribbon controller which can be divided into multiple zones. One zone can provide pitch bending, while another does modulation or other continuous controller.

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Yamaha used to make a device called the MCS2. I've linked to the manual at the Yamaha website. This is the only device that I aware of that's like it. It was not very popular so you might be ebay searching for a long time before it shows up. Alternatively you might consider an Oxygen 8 which has keys but a relatively small footprint (in fact it might not be that much bigger than the MCS2).





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