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Anyone tried the Kurzweil ME-1? Opinions?


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We had a topic a month or two ago about the new Kurzweil ME-1 and when it would be shipping. This unit is supposed to have most of the sounds of the PC2 series minus the KB3 mode and less FX if I remember correctly.


Mike Martin had advised they would ship in about April but I have not yet seen it in any local stores. May be too early...


So I'm curious if it is out there and if anyone has had the chance to try it. If so, please provide your opinions. Thanks.




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They aren't here yet. We made a last minute change to improve its effects implementation so that delayed things slightly. I'll check for an updated ETA


If you want to know how it sounds, play a PC2 with the FX bypassed and you'll have the basic idea.

-Mike Martin



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