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who's your favorite composer


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Was just reading the who's your favorite keyboardist topic and it got me to thinking about composers.


My favorites are:


1. Duke Ellington

2. Stevie Wonder

3. Antonio Carlos Jobim

4. Burt Bacarach


Had alot of conversations recently with some of my friends who are musicians. They all mention the first three whenever I bring up the topic. However, everybody forgets about Burt Bacarach. When I bring him up they go,"Yeah that's right, great composer, I forgot about him".


They all agree that Ellington is probably the greatest composer of our time, maybe all-time. Kinda hard to say all-time, when you have Bach, Beethoven, etc. Anyway just wondering.

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No favorites here but definitely a few greats in my life time that I really adore and awe over!


In no particular order:


Song-writters/composers/innovators (what ever) because these individuals fall into their very own "catagories" --


Bjork (queen-pixie of electronic music); Elizabeth Fraser (magnificent other-worldly voice of piercing innovated language); Lisa Gerard (goddess of note); Loreena McKennitt (witch-faerie and journeyer); Wong, Faye (powerhouse voice of trasient being); anyone else you can think of?


peace and harmony throughout all the worlds,


Vi An



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Is there a difference between "composer" and "songwriter"? Ellington certainly blurs the line, as does Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, etc.


Of "classical" composers, probably Stravinsky.


For contemporary composers, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays are likely at the top of my list. I'd say that Ivan Lins is another favorite composer, but I think of him more as a songwriter, like James Taylor.

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Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky..in formal music. They are not necessarily the composers of my favorite pieces, but they are the ones who still make my jaw drop with almost anything they wrote.


Modern - I do like Metheny/Mays a lot. Love Bacharach, Lennon-McCartney, Lerner-Lowe and ......


OK I confess. I really like Andrew Loyd Weber. Hate him too ya know?



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