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Bass lines

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Is there any Bass line you cannot create on a Keyboard? What would be the most important aspect of a keyboard that would make the bass line more real? I am getting started into songwriting, and I want to use the keyboard as a tool to help me. I am more into metal and rock, but I also get into classic R&B and Funk.
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Well, duplicating a complex bass line that a real bassist would play is kind of difficult.


You would either need a patch that can simulate the dynamics of the instruments (like having a slap when you have velocity values > 120, for instance), or use multiple patches, which you can only do sequencing.


You would also need to use a combination of portamento and pitch bend to fully duplicate how the instrument sounds, as well as a way to control the envelope (be able to mute the sound vs letting it sustain)

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Originally posted by tundrkys:

Do you know if these sftsynths like Gigasampler and such incorporate velocity switching samples?

Check out the Gigasampler web site accessible via www.tascam.com


They have some demos in MP3 format. Some of the bass libraries are amazing, but keep in mind that it would require a LOT of programming to put all of the nuances in the right place.


But, yes, with any synthesizer you can create bass lines. In some forms of music, synth bass sounds more appropriate than an upright or a bass guitar (techno, jungle, some dance styles, etc.) Madonna uses synth basses almost exclusively on her recordings, and she's sold a few records. ;)

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