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Velocity problem a reason not to buy P80?

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Although this subject came about in my "Is the P80 a good choice" I chose to post a topic about this, so that more people would reply.


I just heard that the Yamaha P80 has a velocity problem (it only goes between 1-100 not 1-127). Has anyone who have been using this piano had a problem with this using the keyboard with cubase, softsynth or other modules. I also heard that there's a software that is supposed to fix this problem, has anyone tried it? This could be a crucial point in my decision wethter to buy the P80 or to go for a more expensive piano.

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I don't know if the 0-100 thing is a problem. What I was talking about in your other thread is a velocity switch problem. That's something else. It means you can hear a big sample change while hitting the same key harder. A Rhodes would sound like (going from soft to loud): dooo, dooo, dooo, daaaaaah! Or something like that. I wouldn't want to hear this in any of my sequence tracks, IMO.



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