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studio needs new keyboard - recommendations?


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i own a small recording studio that does largely celtic and traditional ballads with some classical - flutes, strings, pianos, harps, etc. occasionally, we need to add pedal tones, washes, and warm string parts to help support solo and duo material. currently i have a roland JV1080 with the orchestral card and an old akai controller. the 1080 is pretty good, but when i compare our synth parts to commercial CDs, they are not as smooth and professional as other things i hear, such as the synths used on the riverdance soundtrack. i am ready to invest in a better synth for the studio, but not being a keyboardist, i dont know what i should buy. is there a good synth out there that comes stock with superb sounding washes, pedal tones, and string sounds? or do i need to move to a sampling unit like the kurzweil 2500? or perhaps a clavinova-type unit - is there one that's good enough to replace my kimball baby grand for piano recordings? thanks for your help.


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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For me, the difference between orchestral samples and ROM samples (like the JV orchestral board) is significant. Especially if the tone of an instrument needs to be evocative in it's own right, as in many ethnic/world types of applications. However price and convenience can be important factors too.


Almost anything out on the market today is goin to sound better than the JV orchestral, to me with the possible expansion of the emu rom stuff (planet earth and virtuoso 2000) which just does not appeal to me. I rely on the trusty old jv orchestral myself and am aware of how unpolished it can sound to today's ears.


There is the new Roland XV series. To my ears it's much improved and there is an orchestral strings expansion. Korg has some interesting expansions for it's Triton.


Have you listened to gigasampler and the libaries made for it? It's on a whole different level and may make it hard for you to consider a rom solution.



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Check out the Yamaha Motif series. The Motif 8 has a killer 88-note action and a great onboard piano sound, and you can add the PLG-150PF piano board for a really good sound. Lots of pads, washes, and leads too.


Also, while the Korg Triton's piano sounds are...umm...ahem..."weak", the synth-y stuff is quite good, and at least deserves a listen.


TP :)


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