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Karma or Triton Rack?


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Imagine, according to the Korg KARMA webpage, the KARMA's "synth and effects engines are identical to Triton's." Therefore, choosing between the two boils downs to choosing the feature set that best meets your needs.


It's not easy to compare the Triton Rack with the KARMA on a feature to feature basis from the links I'm providing, because Korg hasn't organized the specs the same way for each device. However, from the best I can tell, it appears that the KARMA has everything that the Triton Rack does plus the KARMA features. If that's the case, it would make sense to buy the KARMA.


Perhaps a call to Korg, USA would help. Their number is (516) 333-9100.





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Karma has no digital output, two sets of analog outputs, and only two ROM expansion slots compared to 8 ROM expansion slots on the Triton Rack. The Karma does not sample. Both will accept the MOSS expansion.


I frequently wish I had gotten the TRack rather than the Karma, but that will probably change when vs 2 comes out with the included editing software.



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