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Where to get CD-ROM editor for JV-1010?


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I have a used JV-1010 en route but it does not have the factory CD-ROM editor/librarian. I'm wondering if there is any freeware available for download or another source of JV-1010 librarian software out there.


Any help is appreciated.




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The sound driver OEM version (such as the one for the 1010) are licensed on per-copy base, this would bypass license payments, and would therefore probably be considered illegal to post it on the web.


I would check synthzone to see if there's anywhere freeware/shareware editor. There's gotta be.

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I've been using Jurgen Mosgraber's free editor/librarian, ChangeIt for about four years and can recommend it. It's not glitzy but it gets the job done. I use it for an XP50 and an XP30 and it has not crashed on me yet. It supports the JV1010 as well as the rest of the JV/XP family. The link to his site is:





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