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Akai S1000 and S5000/6000? Clues?

Tedly Nightshade

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Hi folks,

I'm looking to find a way to use Michiel Post's brilliant piano samples. I want to use them live on stage- I have a piano in the studio, so no gain there.

These are available for the S1000 and compatibles, including the S5000 and S6000.

It's tempting to snag one of these S1000's off ebay for cheap.

I need to be able to use this thing for live work with no confusion and absolutely minimal button pressing- I just want to use it like a sound module, and control it with my Kawai MP9000 midi controller.

I have a couple midi modules that I just turn on, and the Kawai does the rest.

Will I be liking or cursing the Akai?

Nothin' fancy, just want to use the Post piano sounds.

Will I be taking a hit on sound quality by using the S1000?

Should I be looking at the S5000 or S6000 instead?

Clue me in, folks.




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