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Finally!!! The MotorMix DP 3 Plug In Has Arrived


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Originally posted by Rabid:

what is MotorMix?

Robert, the MotorMix is a control surface for DAWs. It works much in the same way as Mackie's HUI , but with a few less features, and at about a third of the price. It can run in HUI emulation mode with any DAW, but does much more when software is written that takes the strengths of both the MotorMix and the specific DAW it interfaces with into account.


That software has been available all along to use the MotorMix with ProTools, but specific new software has just now come out to maximize MotorMix's use with Digital Performer. This was announced a year ago, so it's been a long wait!


Click here to read more.



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Hi Geoff:

Do use use this exclusively, or have you used the SAK controller? I just ordered DP 3 upgrade (I've used 2.72 for quite a while) and can't afford HUI, but am interested in other users takes on control surfaces. Please post your opinions after you've become acquianted with Motor Mix. (I'd apprecitae feedback from any DP users on control surfaces as well!) Thanks! ~nel :)



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Originally posted by soapbox:

I can't tell you how long I have waited for this news.

Why? Is it a secret? What will happen if you tell us? Did someone from MOTU threaten you? Have you contacted the police? ...or just Sting?

This doesn't have anything to do with the Robert Blake case, does it? Can you at least tell us how long you've waited for some other news???

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Yep, love the Motormix. I got one and I use it for Nuendo. Although some buttons don't work, like controlling plug-ins, I can always use that nonfunctional button and map it to control another. I like it coz it's small and compact. Doesn't take up so much space.
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