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Arghhh..... Why didn't they have this when I was in school.

Rod S

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I was recently gathering information about the courses I took in college since I need to get my diploma from an American University validated here in Brazil (annoying as hell). So I'm looking at the current electrical engineering catalog, and I see (for anyone curious, it's University of Rochester, Rochester, NY):


ECE 140 Introduction to Digital Music




Vibrations and musical sound from strings and pipes. Digitization of sound, digital recording, digital storage. Spectral analysis, digital filtering. Musical sound synthesis: additive sysnthesis, subtractive systhesis, FM, physical modeling. MIDI and computer based interactive music. Laboratory.


ECE 240 Music Sound: Science and Synthesis



Engineering and physical science concepts underlying musical sound analysis and synthesis. Oscillation, waves, impedance, musical instrument sound production, digital representation of musical signals, spectra, digital filtering, subtractive, additive music synthesis, FM synthesis, sampling, physical modeling.


Timing is everything... damn, I wish they had these courses when I was in school. School might have been fun after all ;)

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hello rod ,


I am with you on this .........


I graduated from high school in 1981 . I did not get into pro keyboards until 7 yrs ago .


It seems like if you where into computers and keyboards in late 70's and early 80's , you had a chance to really witness the evolution of keyboard gear .

I missed the boat and have been playing " catch up " ever since .



I could use the courses mentioned above .

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