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dissappointment with Keyboard Magazine


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I just bought the latest Keyboard Magazine and once again cant help being dissappointed. Is it just me?


My first instrument was guitar and I have been buying Guitar and Guitar Player ever since I was 13, and there just seems to be so much more content aimed at becoming better guitarist/musicians. Isnt that the aim of Keyboard as well? I know studio/recording/programming is part and parcel of the industry but aside from the masterclass, and couple of articles about the odd voicing or scale here and there...there is very little musical content to improve your playing.


Am i the only one who feels like this? Have I misunderstood the aim of the magazine? And are there other mags that do focus on songs/chops?

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The aim of the magazine is to sell ad space in order to make $$$.


The secondary aim is to provide content that will fulfill the primary aim.


That said, I agree that recording fills waaay too much of Keyboard Magazine. There are other mags devoted to recording..... more emphasis on technique would be good. And perhaps more coverage of older things, not the relentless focus on the newest synth (tho advertisers might balk at that)


One other thing - pianos are keyboards! Where's the discussion about pianos? (and not just samples of them lol)

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They do respond to reader demand, and while I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, I have been told that the main thing readers have been asking for is more new gear coverage.


I sincerely miss columns like "Inside the Music" and "Creative Options." though.

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