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Yamaha P50-m Piano Module


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I had one for about 2 years.. but sold it a while back. I think Yamaha released it around 96 (that's when I think I bought mine.. may have been 97), but it was never too successful. I wish I had kept it, I sold it for the wrong reasons.


I like the kurz micropiano better, but the pianos are pretty good. The eps were better than the main acoustic piano, so it may be an interesting option for you. Programmability is basically nonexistant. There was a way to edit the effects and something thru sysex, I think. Very basic controls, general tone knob, eq, midi channel select, velocity curve select, effect level knob. Been a while though... What do you have now?

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I've owned two P50m modules in my career. I bought the first when they were brand new and getting rave reviews (c. 1995 I think). It worked well when used with my Hammond XB2 and I only used the piano and clav sounds (Wurly was ok). I never liked the Rhodes EP sounds because they had about 3 different dynamics: soft, medium and spankin' hard. Not expressive in the least bit.


I sold the first P50m when I decided to go with an 88 key piano, the Roland RD600 (c. 1998). Still using it and liking it a lot. Then the P50m was being blown out for $79 new at a mail order place, so I ordered another one, figuring it would be good as backup. I used it for a couple of years, very sporadically. I sold it last year (for a profit) because it was collecting dust and the sounds were not really doing too much for me.


It has pretty passable acoustic piano sounds and the Wurly sounds nice but lacking dynamics. The Rhodes are kind of a joke, but the CP80s aren't too bad. It is dated technology, but might be worth it if the price is right.


I'm waiting to check out the new Kurzweil module that is supposed to have all the PC2 sounds in it. It has a price under $400 and looks like it might be a good solution for those gigs or rehearsals when I don't want to carry the RD600 but just the Korg CX3.


Your mileage may vary, but I would not consider this a good source of expressive EP tones.




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I've got a P50m that I use for acoustic pianos, mainly. I agree with most other folks here that the CP-80 is good, the Whirly is decent and the other EPs suck hard.


The MKS-20, on the other hand, has some of the most beautiful Rhodes sounds on the planet. And some really nifty "acoustic" pianos and vibes. Not realistic, mind you, but nifty. The analog stereo chorus circuit in that unit is to die for.


The sounds from the MKS-20 (but not the sweet stereo chorus, unfortunately) are also available in the P330 1U module. These turn up for dirt cheap occasionally.


Also, if you're looking for EPs, try going back to the source: Yamaha. The FS1r 1U module has georgeous FM- and non-FM style EPs for weeks. A cheaper alternative is the TX802, the multi-timbral rack version of the DX7II.


Good Luck,






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