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Generalmusic ProMega 3?


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Everyone seems to be raving about either the Neuron or the Triton Studio...yet none of you seem interested in the ProMega 3 (on page 26 of the last Keyboard) by Generalmusic. With 320 voices of polyphony it sounds like it should be able to do incredible things-perfect for, as it says, pad and orchestral sounds. However, Generalmusic really isn't a name I've heard a lot about-have they been known in the past for making a poor quality product? Can anyone who knows a little more about it give me the scoop?
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Here's my comments from playing with the ProMega at the Messe.




Kind of a psychedelic review I guess, but after you play it, you'll see what I mean. It's a strange machine but I think more positively of it the more digital pianos I try out.


There was supposed to be a full-blown review in Keyboard (German) this month but it didn't happen, if they publish it next month I'll post their overall opinions.



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