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Trade IN Value for Alesis QS6.1?


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Originally posted by LarsHarner:

does someone have an estimate as to what a reasonable trade in value for a qs6.1 with 4 q cards would be? thanks

From what I've seen, I would say no more than 300 for the 6.1 and maybe 50-75 per card, so 5-600. It's a shame, and you might do better if you hold out, but we've heard tell of new 7.1s going for under 5. I might be a bit low on this. Monitor auctions oin eBay to get a feel for what a 6.1 draws. as I own a QS 8, I keep tabs on the Qcards, and the actually seem to hold their value pretty well. I was assuming you'd have to offer a bulk discount.
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I think John's estimates are about right.


I sold my qs6 back in october for ebay for about 330.. but since the blow outs started I'm sure the used price got driven down.

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