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pro keyboard for playing live..


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hey there

i'm looking for a single piece (keyboard/or module/or sampler) to perform live: electric pianos (rhodes and wurly), acoustic pianos, organs (B3) and strings.

my budget is just 1600$ (or 1800 euro, i'm in italy).

i've seen stuff like emu modules, nordlead electro (but it hasn't strings sounds..). they seems cool, anyway i need advice on the best stuff (pro!) for that price, can you help me?

please advice, i should choose a solution at soon.



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Do you need 88 keys for full size piano parts?


I'm a bit confused by the range of sounds you want. First you mention piano, organ, etc. - basic straight forward sounds - then you mention analog emusic sounds. Do you need both types of sounds?

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thanks bassguy for answering,

no, i don't need 88 keys, 4 or 5 octaves is ok..

concerning sounds, i need a single keyboard that can play a good acoustic piano, a couple of good elect pianos (rhodes, wurlyzer), B3, a good strings ensemble. I should be able to change those sounds on the fly on stage..

i'm not an expert on these machines, we recorded real instruments on the album but i need to arrange these instruments for live shows and i can't get the real stuff (grand piano, organs etc..) with me for gigs...

we already use a laptop with a soft sampler but we need another separate keyboard that is able to play those sounds i listed above.

thanks in advance


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Do you already have a keyboard to use to play a module? If not, do you want 61, 76 or 88 note weighted? I am a firm believer that at least one keyboard in your rig should be at least 76 note.




Roland XV-5050 may be the best value for price/sound out there. (If I did not already own a XV5080 I would buy a 5050.)


The new Emu 2500 sounds great, has a good sequencer and is expandable. (I may upgrade my P2K to a P2500 to get the better processor and D/A converter.)


Triton Rack is a standard, but you need something that provides a better piano sound. I have not heard the new piano ROM that replaced the old piano/keys ROM that sounded good on everything but piano. (I am considering trading my Karma for a Triton Rack because it has more expansion capabilities.)




The new E-mu keyboards are a great deal at $899. Only 61 note versions but the new D/A converters is a big improvement over the older Proteus line. (Note: no sequencer in this unit.)


Korg Triton LE - Available in a 76 key version. Nice sound, but many including myself do not like the feel of the new, cheaper keyboard. I think this line uses Fatar instead of Yamaha keys.



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