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Keyboard Mag: Whatever happened to?

Pat Azzarello

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The Freff discussion in another thread got me thinking back to a lot of the "old" Keyboard writers. We occasionally see Jim Aiken (sp?) hanging out here, but what about...


Dominic Milano -

Larry Fast - (I know I've asked this one before, but didn't he write a column for a while?)

Dave Stewart (not the Eurythmics Dave - the funny Kbd columnist who loves odd time signatures and odder humor)


Do these guys have web sites? New projects? I grew up (well, from the time I was 16 I've read Keyboard - that was 1977) learning a lot from these guys and I'd like to let them know I appreciate their hard work.

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I can at least speak partially about David Stewart. I do have music theory book by him, so I'm assuming he's at least he's been partially busy with that, since there is more than one.


There are quite a few funny tidbits in the book, specially his description about how disco came about. Nothing groundbreaking in the book, still interesting reading.

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Larry Fast is still performing, for example last month at the Alfa Centauri festival in the Netherlands (http://www.alfacentauri.nl/), and is currently on tour as part of the Tony Levin Band. www.tonylevinband.com has a very humorous set of cartoons, and links to the individual members' sites, including www.synergy-emusic.com for Larry. When I saw the TL Band a year or two ago, the set included about 10 minutes for Larry to do some of his Synergy emusic solo while the other guys took a break.
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