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a novice question about soft synth


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Hi everybody!

I have a simple question: when you use a virtual synth like a VST one or the protools virus, how do you change the sound in real time? I begin to be quite interested in the synths, but until recently, i was suspicious about the reliability of the soft synths (i intented to buy a virus or a nord modular). Can you for example change in real time and process an external input with a soft synth?

Thank you for your answers!


ilovedrums (i posted the topic afew seconds ago in the craig anderton forum, and i repeat just to have more answers...am i not clever, ;)

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I will only talk about the Virus TDM plugin as that's one of the soft synths that I use.


It can be controlled in realtime in several ways.


1) you can hook up a Virus hardware synth and control it with that.

2) You can use any MIDI controller (synth or fader-type) to control it in realtime. You can also record the MIDI data to a track and edit it later.

3) The method that I use is via Protools automation. You enable automation for any of the controls on the synth. They show up in the the Protools track editor with the actual names of the controls and the parameter settings, e.g. saturation will show levels of off, light, soft, mid, etc. Much easier to see what you're doing vs. MIDI CC## editing.


The Virus plugin accepts audio for input from an audio track or live source.


Access will be releasing a TDM version of the Indigo. I was pleased to find that it will only cost me (a registered Virus owner) $95. Also scheduled over the next few months are the Waldorf Q and several other very cool synths that are not based on existing hardware.



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Reaktor and some other soft synths allow you to process a wave file the synth engine, but I cannot think of any totally software synths that allow you to manipulate a live input the way you can with the Nord Modular.


Support for program change depends on the software. Some have absolutely no support for automated program change, or even saving the program with the song.



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