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I need Help with my XV3080!!!!!

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I have an issue right now


when I try to set my user performances for my sequences (that comes out of the XP-60)


almost everything is good expect my bass wound out of track 2 (part 2)!!!! that is the issue


I was able to get the sound from all the rest of the tracks out... simple just find the sound that you want for the part on the XV3080 but for some reason the bass sound that is suppose to play its part from track 2 will actually play the same part of part 1 at the same time as the part 1 (track 1 out of XP-60)


if I plug in the XP-60 in the track 2 bass part will play like it is suppose to be but not once I have it plugged into the XV3080....


I'm thinking that I did something for the part 2 (channel 2, track 2 all the same 2) to pay whats in track 1....


but I can't figure it out... will someone help out???


thanks Vlad

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