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Using softsynths live


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Using softsynths live


Hello music friends!


It is very tempting to start to use soft synths live. (My personal soft synths favorites is Absynth, FM7, Mercury1 and B4. Looking forward to the new Kontakt sampler from NI.)


But there are a few "problems":

First the latency problems, with laptops you have to use USB interfaces or Firewire with low latency. There are some good alternatives on this subject so it is a gone "problem", and that leads me to my question.


Is there a simple program that can handle my midi inputs and route them to the right soft synth. Almost like "masterkeyboard functions" in a program. Where I can program one setup for each song. (Like I do on my multitimberal synthesizers.)


Examples: On one song I would like to split the MIDI signial so that high notes goes to one soft synth, (with setting for volume) and thne low notes goes to another softsynth. Maybe the "high" synth should receive sustain pedal messages but not the other softsynth.

OK I know I can do this if i use separate midi channels. But on another tune I would like to layer lets say three softsynths. (With independent volume messages to each.)

Some of this can be done with Midi hardware processors. But in terms of what is going on in such a box it is pretty simple, so it would be great to do this in software.

Just send one program change to the software and it takes care of routing (and more) to the soft synths. A new pgm change for the next song,...


Great idea isn't it. :idea: Make this program and earn an fortune :) (If it isn't´t out there!)


I hope I have explained myself so that you guys and women understand what I am trying to say :thu:


(I don´t know Logic good enough, but maybe it is possible to do this with environments,..? And the old Opcode Midi interfaces could do serious things with Midi processing, but those boxes are gone and thats another hardware box to drag around...)

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