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kurzweil live mode question number 2


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okay, i got live mode on my kurzweil 2500XS, now I have the following problem:

Even though it seemed obvious, I went home and checked my manuals for anything on live mode and i couldn't find anything. I don't have them here right now (i'm in college) and now I basically don't know how to use live mode. There are around 8 programs in my keyboard marked with LM. Am I supposed to use these or be in sample mode? I'm very confused, any help would be nice

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The documentation for Live Mode should be included along with the OS update that you downloaded from the Kurzweil website, since this was a relatively recent update, you won't find it in the users manual.


Here are a few steps to get you started.

- Go to the sample page.

- The sample MODE selection needs to be changed from STEREO/MONO sample to LIVE IN.

- Set your input source appropriately.

- Set MON (monitor) to off.


At this point if you are sending signal into the K2500's sampling inputs you should see the levels on the screen, but you won't hear anything.


Now select one of the live mode programs and press middle C. You should now be passing audio through the synthesis and effects engines.

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