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Happy Birthday to dB!

Laurie Z.

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Happy birthday, dB http://www.ukobservers.net/cwm/otn/party/partysmiley.gif


Congratulations from all your humble followers ;)http://www.ukobservers.net/cwm/otn/party/hb2.gif


Best wishes from Brazil,




PS: Laurie, is this what you had in mind?? ;)

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:thu: ¡¡ Feliz Cumpleaños David !! :D


Esstas son, las mañaniiitas

que cantaaaaba el Rey David...

A los muuuchachos bonitos

se las cantaaamos aaaqui !!


- - - - -

These are the "mañanitas" (little morning)

which King Daved used to sing

To all the pretty guys

we sing to them right here...

- - - - -


((BTW: THAT was "Las Mañanitas", the Mexican typical song for Birthdays. The original Lyric says King David. Cool, isn't it?))


Have a GREAT one, amigo. :thu:

Músico, Productor, Ingeniero, Tecnólogo

Senior Product Manager, América Latina y Caribe - PreSonus

at Fender Musical Instruments Company


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Facebook: Lozada - Música y Tecnología



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Congratulations on the anniversary of your birth!


(I think that a much better way of saying you're starting to get old!) :)

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Originally posted by R:

Your kidding!! Dave, your birthday is today, April 2nd. So is mine!!

No kidding! Wow - cool! Happy birthday, my brother!


Thanks to everyone for all of the kind wishes, and for making this my favorite place on the web to hang... :)


I've said it before, and I'll say it again:


You guys rule! :thu:





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I'll also hoist a virtual beer to ya... Happy Birthday, bro! :wave:


For the next few months you're the same age as me, but I'll probably always be heavier! :D:P


I'm kind of a late arrival here, but it's still your birthday on Pacific time! At least for another 20 minutes...


Peace all,




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Happy Birthday DAVE!! :wave:

Unfortunatly technology doesn't allow cakes to be sent as attachments. But if they could we would send you one!



Q:What do you call a truck with nothing in the bed,nothing on the hitch, and room for more than three people in the cab? A:"A car"....
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