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Kurzweil sample memory advice

Mark Zeger

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I want to max out the memory in my K2500RS from the current 64meg RAM. I found the specs for SIMMs on the Kurzweil website.


Can anyone recommend sources (other than those on the Kurzweil site) for buying SIMMs?


Can I do install memory myself without voiding the warranty? (might be expired already, bought the K2500 over a year ago) My only hardware installation experience is putting a PCI card in my G4, but I know several people far more experienced.

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Originally posted by mzeger:

Can anyone recommend sources (other than those on the Kurzweil site) for buying SIMMs?.

This site has a good reputation. Not the best prices, but they are (or at least used to be) fairly competitive




Just click on the icon for Kurzweil, they have ones they certify will work on kurz samplers.


Also check the postings at kurzlist @ yahoo groups, once in a while someone will post where they got the mem from recently, if it worked and what they paid.

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Thanks, Rod and George


I called both of the places you recommended, along with a couple of others. What's frustrating is the wide range of prices quoted on what should be, essentially, a commodity. For a 64meg SIMMs, I received quotes ranging from $29 to $99! ($99 was Mohawk, Rod) If I looked for a 40gig 7200rpm hard drive, I wouldn't find prices varying by more than 300%. I understand the pricing volatility in the chip business, but is such a wide a range typical?


Is it easy to install the new memory? Do I need to simply touch the K2500R case to ground any static before handling the SIMMs? Any other precautions to protect the K2500R?


Thanks again for your help.

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