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Survey - Korg CX-3 double-triggering


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I recently purchased a Korg CX-3. After playing it a while I noticed that it double-triggers and this has been getting increasingly annoying. In the Feb 2001 Keyboard mag review this was indentified, but Korg claimed this was fixed in units with serial numbers above 600. My unit's serial number is 26xx, so this shouldn't be an issue. I didn't pay any attention to this when I was trying it out as I thought it was a non-issue.


One way to test this (in case your playing doesn't bring it out) is to put your finger on the edge of any white key and let it slip off. If you hear a stutter in the note upon release, it's double-triggering. This affects the unit as a MIDI controller as well. I can SEE the double-triggering when controlling my Omega8. An LED lights up every time you trigger a note, and when controlled by the CX-3 often times two voices are triggered.


Anyhow, I'm trying to find out if this is a problem with all CX-3s, or if mine is unique. Thanks.



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This is a problem with all CX3s and is very annoying. Contrary to the Keyboard magazine article, this was not eliminated on the later versions. Mine is serial number 2952 and it still has the problem. I think it was more extreme on the early models, but it never went away altogether. It has been discussed ad nauseam on the Yahoo CloneWheel discussion board.


There is a way to bypass it that requires MIDI'ing the CX3 to itself and then turning local OFF. You have to do a couple of other global MIDI edits as well. Here is what you need to do:


- Set the Upper Tx Channel to Off.

- Set the Upper 2nd Channel to the same channel as the Upper Rx Channel.

- Repeat the process for the Lower channel, if you use splits.

- Set MIDI Local to Off.

- Connect a cable (or patchbay/merger) between MIDI In and MIDI Out

>on the CX-3.


I love the sound and UI of the CX3, but the double bounce is very lame. I can't play unless I disable it. The CX3 is supposed to have a "hot" action that triggers the note similar to a real tonewheel organ. The hot action gives you immediate response but the side effect is the double bounce. The MIDI bypass gets rid of both the hot action and the double bounce. A bit of a compromise to lose the hot action, but better than the flam effect of the double bounce that makes every note have a slapback delay effect.


Korg should have found this in testing and fixed it. I have heard rumors that Korg is providing some updates to the OS in May or something. Supposedly, they will offer a way to disable the double bounce. We'll see what happens.


Hope the above info helps you.




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I don't believe you actually *lose* MIDI with this workaround. Since you have the CX3 MIDI'd to itself, the MIDI thru should allow you to also send MIDI out to whatever other devices you want to control with the CX3. I don't use my CX3 as a controller, so have not tried this out personally. I believe it should work, though. Give it a shot.


Good luck.




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