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find a teacher!! Keyboard or Piano??


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Hi, I am a beginner, and I am planning to find a teacher. Can anyone share his tips or experience with me??


Also, should I find a keyboard or piano teacher?? Are there differences for me (beginner)??

start to learn piano

Feb 2002


Bought a keyboard

EZ 30 on Feb 2002

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First, decide what kind of music you want to play. Rock, jazz, classical. Then find a good teacher who is well versed in that style. Some teachers are good in all styles, so you might get lucky and find one. Second, practice everything he shows you. Third, be patient. Fourth, fifth, and sixth, be patient. Can't stress that enough. Don't rush it, you'll be tempted. There will be times when you think your instructor is going to slow. Just keep practicing what he shows you. There is a method to his madness. Ask lots of questions if you don't understand. If he doesn't like to answer questions, get a new teacher. The only way to grow is to be able to ask questions so you could have a full understanding of the underlying concept. Every class should build on the prior class. Did I mention to practice and be patient. Oh yeah, I did. But keep practicing. If you realize that you are serious about learning, then invest in a good acoustic piano or a good digital keyboard (one with a realistic piano feel, like the Yamaha P80)it would do wonders for your playing.


Lastly, have FUN!!!! That's the most important thing.


Good luck.

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I'm new also and I have posted some questions in here and also on the SSS forum about learning. I've also asked about the EZ30 Yamaha. You can search on here and find those threads or just surf around to the first two or three pages.


So, I'd say if you want to find a teacher, by all means, do it. And also learn as many songs as you can with that EZ30. The more songs you learn to play, however you learn to play them, that is going to help you. Do you like the EZ30? Do you know if there is a list online anywhere of the songs it contains in its database?

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