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Prophet 600

Dan O

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The P600 was an "entry" level polyphonic synth from Sequential. It came out in '83, I believe. It had presets, 6 voices (I think) and MIDI (Omni mode only if I recall correctly). Digital osc's (2) and some basic modulation. Don't know a lot more about it, other than a client lent me theirs back in about 85 and I wasn'terribly impressed - it definitely paled compared to the P5.
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It was definitely a working musician's synth, but I wouldn't call it "entry level" unless you're comparing it to the Prophet 5. IMO it was definitely a step up from the synths that were competing with it at the time. (Poly 800, Juno 106) I had one from `84 to `91, and I loved the way it sounded. Full, fat and bright, but not very percussive. No touch sensitivity, either.


PatAzz's post is mostly right on. I'll add that the two osc's (not digital, IIRC) had triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waves in any combination. The pulse width could be modulated from the LFO, or manually. The osc's could also be hard synch'ed. One of the osc's could modulate the other, (FM style) and/or the filter. All six voices could be set to unison. There was a cool "latch" feature that enabled you to set unison, play a six-note chord, then tap a footswitch. Now every note you play would be the root of that chord you just played and latched. Very cool for smooth portamento slides! :)


The filter was 4-pole lowpass resonant, and it could self-oscillate.


It also had a rudimentary arpeggiator, and a very basic sequencer that's hardly worth mentioning. But hey, remember this was `83! :) The MIDI implementation was very sparse as PatAzz mentioned, but there are aftermarket updates that enabled it to get out of omni mode.


Memory was 100 patches, all in RAM. One major caveat; If you consider buying one, make sure the membrane switch keypad is in excellent shape. Nobody makes them anymore, and they're nearly impossible to find. Even Wine Country doesn't have them. :eek:


Bottom line; If you find one in great shape and cheap, go for it! I'd sure take mine back if I had the chance. :thu:


Peace all,




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