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Kurz "live mode" question


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Are software updates for the K2500XS free? I'm asking because I don't have "live mode" on mine and I want it pretty badly.

Also, this is probably a guitar board question (hopefully I can kill tow birds with one stone), but is there a way to prevent guitar processors from picking up radio station signals? I've heard of this before (my pod pro does it ocassionally) and I'm wondering if there are any precautions I should take. It's annoying when it happens and I don't know how to stop it (except move stuff around in my room).



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solipsism, the Live and B-3 upgrades are awesome, I downloaded 'em for my 2500XS and love them.


Be sure to read the instructions carefully about live mode. From the Program list, press the Sample button, change the input mode to Live, and turn the monitor Off, then pick a Live Mode patch.


For your guitar processor, run as much of the signal digitally as possible - doesn't the Pod Pro have digi outs for a digi mixer or computer recording? Use a high quality guitar cable, as short as possible, and adjust where you stand and where the FX box is located to try to reduce the interference. Ask in the guitar forum too.


You'll probably get a kick out of tweaking your guitar with Live Mode.

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