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XV3080 discontinued

Dan O

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Originally posted by TinderArts:

The 5050 ships with one, however the 5050 also has a USB connection and that might be why it can use the editor.

Are you sure one ships with the unit? I saw the ad for the 5050 in Electronic Musician showcasing the editor (looks nice). But there is nothing about it at the Roland website. I went into Guitar Center and loaded the software that comes with the 5050 in a Mac. All that I could find were some drivers, but I didn't see any editor.


The 3080 being discontinued is strang in one sense, I believe you can still buy a JV-1080 new.



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I don't understand it either. The talk was that the XV5050 was supposed to replace the JV1010, occupying a place under the XV3080.


Maybe it cannibalized the 3080? I can see how it would. The 1010 came out towards the end of the JV cycle, giving the JV1080 a chance to be broadly accepted.


Makes you wonder if the XV family is going to be further upgraded. They only have a few SRX cards, and none of them have been hits that I know of. I wonder if Triton/Karma's relative success will cause a new Roland family to appear.



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The SRV String expansion is a pretty big hit, though I don't care for it and never bought it. They did come out with a new SRV ROM announced a few weeks ago with synth sounds.



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YOu see alot of transition with ROLAND as a company .

From products to price points . The XV3080 was $1299.

when it 1st hit . Than a few months later ...$999.99 (advertised) . Same with all of the HDR's .

VS1880 went from $2200.00 down to $1299.99 (last advertised ).

The VP9000 .....that baby was $2199.99 ....now just $900.00 at 8th street . That's a hugh difference .

It kind of reminds me of KUrzweil K series getting the price adjusted 40% lower !

What are they ( manufacturers)thinking ?

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I bought a 3080 about a year ago for only $1000 (new), and it's been great. It's unfortunate that Roland canceled it, but it shouldn't be a big impact to me. I can still get it serviced, and all the expansion boards are common.


All the best,



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First of all, the 3080 sounds like an excellent deal (6x expasion, 128-polyphony, and great sounds). If it's discontinued, doesn't the price usually just drop on them? I'm thinking about grabbing one if they come down low enough.
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