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problems with the record industry


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OK....I'll put my head in the lions mouth and begin, in light with what is happening over at EMI and some of the other recording companies I'm wondering,what are the real problems? I've come to the conclusion that if the internet evaporated tomorrow the record companies would still be in trouble. Downloaders are not the problem, nor is napster, the problem is partially high prices but mostly there is too much product and too many artists. In any other industry what doesn't sell dies especially if the companies downsizes.


Take a look at the bins in your average record store. No matter how tuned in, with it, or (ahem) hip you may be you will find tons of recordings you don't know even in a genre you feel very comfortable in. Now are you willing to ante up 17 to 18 dollars to try something new? ( Or for that matter can you afford to?) And there are many records that never go on sale. Wouldn't it be better to have healthy record companies, producing fewer recordings, that are promoted, that people actual like? And if they make money then they can afford to try out a unknown they may think has potential.

Before anyone screams blasphemy most healthy businesses operate on a lean and mean model. I'm only saying the recording companies need to do the same. If they don't survive a lot more musicians will suffer than what happens now. So what ya all think?


Michael :confused::wave:

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I also think part of the problem is record companies don't develop artist like they used to.


In the UK the average life span of a group is now around 2 years, and we have loads of manufactured groups that have 6-12 months life span.

I read that if a group doesn't make a profit on its first album a lot of record companies are dropping them, but look at some of the older groups like Pink Floyd I don't think they would have made much money up to Dark Side of the Moon.


I think the talent is out there but the record companies are to interested in a sort term money



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