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...and some Messe bummers


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Okay, have to maintain the balance of the universe with some negativity here! We're all just too damn happy. :D


Clavia Nord Electro. From pix and sound samples, I was prepared to be impressed. Nice but...Blah.


NI Absynth. Basically the demo let you roll through presets- trying to tweak just got these annoying cheerful popups "can't do that!" "not implemented yet!" And the sound...well, I was at the analog Superbooth, then I hit the Neuron, then Waldorf, then the NI booth and after that, I was underwhelmed by the sound of the Absynth. Bummer.


Rode. I've got the NT-2 and it's a pretty good mic, great for the price. Rode had things set up so you could test the mics. Of course it was about the opposite of an ideal environment, but...no magic feelings to be found.


Ableton Live- Yawn


Melodyne- would have been fairly cool if it weren't ten yards away from 10,000 beautiful youngsters jamming on keys, shredding on guitars, rocking on drums, singing on mics...


General Midi Yodel-lee-Hoo- There's some guys right there just blazing on real accordians, aren't you ashamed to be playing back midi files?


Emagic- Dudes the La Femme Nikita style just doesn't fly if you're not beautiful.



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Cameron, I'm sorry you missed the Melodyne magic. I was blown away by it at NAMM, and last week my copy finally arrived!


But since this thread is about the downside, I realize that the Musikmesse is huge, but why were there so few new product announcements compared to puny, little Winter NAMM ? (Or did Harmony Central drop the ball on their Musikmesse coverage?)

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