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Hey, Reaktor/Dynamo users


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Lookin into buying one or the other for my meek dedicated softsynth machine. I am wondering: with an ASIO compatible card, what can I expect to get out of these synths on a PII 300 with 192 MB RAM?


A couple of considerations:


Multi-timbral use is not important to me--enough polyphony to program some complex patches *is* important.


low latency is very important to me, sub-10ms if possible.


What do you guys think of these synths, and what are you running them on?



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I can tell you that under Sonar running on a P4 1.4 with 1 gig of memory the CPU meter in Sonar ranges from 10 to 55% usage when playing a single instance of Reaktor 3 as a DXi instrument. Also consider that one improvement on Reaktor 3 over vs 2 is a lower CPU load. Dynamo is based on Reaktor vs 2. I don't know how much this relates to the CPU load from using Dynamo.


Comparing Reaktor to some other soft synths. Pro52 uses less power, Tasman uses more and gives me some problems.



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