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I just picked up a Hammond this morning

Steve LeBlanc

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FWIW - Singer sewing machine oil is the same stuff. The turbine-oil that comes in those zoom-spout oilers (light turbine oil) is as well. Hammond oil, basically, is DTE-spec turbine oil, usually sourced from Mobil or Esso. Really light stuff.


Another FWIW - if you encounter an organ whose generator bearings "squeal", shut it off immediately. Oil it. If you need it playable right away, acess the underside of the generator and spray it with WD-40. Make sure you add normal Hammond oil after doing this. Some cringe at this advice, but it is, as they say, "according to Hoyle" so to speak.


TP :wave:


Todd A. Phipps

"...no, I'm not a Hammondoholic...I can stop anytime..."

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