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big thumbs down to BEHRINGER TECH SUPPORT

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Originally posted by Chris100:

Has anyone had to email behringer tech support lately? I've sent 4 emails over a two month period, and still no response. :mad::mad::mad: WTF???

You should email the man in charge of Behringer's tech support in the US. His name is Dan Gallagher, and his email address is:




Or, you can contact him at Behringer USA's office:


190 West Dayton Avenue, Suite 201

Edmonds, WA 98020

Tel.:425 672 0816


Hope that helps,





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Behringer deserves more than a thumbs down...


I purchased an MX9000 from an AB music store, the first one they sent was bad, I paid for the shipping back (400 miles), the next one they sent had some minor problems. Behringer refused to supply a service manual to them. I took it into a local repair shop, had it repaired, and the music store refused to re-imburse me for the repair.


IMHO Behringer haven't a clue how to build anything, the MX9000 internal is poorly designed.

The MX9000 also has a bad-designed power supply...

The IC regulators are way under-rated and run excessively hot, and are GUARANTEED to fail within a couple of years. When my board was being fixed (bad ribbon-cabling on ch.15), I had a pro tech upgrade the power supply design so that it shouldn't fail in the future (added proper TO-220 finned heatsinking, industrial thermal compound, and proper insulators).



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