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third party sounds for yamaha s80

chris c

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Although I'd love to get "under the hood" and learn to program my synths in theory, in practice, I'm lucky if I have time to play every day and maybe spend some time recording some stuff. So I don't do much in the way of synth programming, and am interested in purchasing some third-party sounds for my synths, and my Yamaha S-80 in particular.


A company called Pro-Rec has come out with three banks of new patches for the S80. Has anyone tried them or heard them? Care to comment on their quality and useability? Alternatively, anyone know of other patches available?




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Well, pro-rec's been around a long time with synths sounds, so they have some reputation. However...


Have you exausted all the stuff you can find for free in the web? All the sounds in the cs6x will work on the s80, so you can start there. Beyond the presets you can probably build up a library of another 200+ sounds before paying a cent.


Some stuff to check out:


www.yamahasynth.com (the downloads section)


also check the cs6x sites listed under


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